Equipment Department
Increasing Manufacturing Efficiency
Division introduction
As a pioneer in adsorption technology, we have accumulated many years of advanced technology and abundant experience in selecting equipment for large adsorption purification plants, energy-saving dehumidifiers and semiconductor manufacturing system under the "AUTO-PUREX" brand. And we has won the number one position in the market for engineering, designing, manufacturing and maintenance of various equipment.
Against the background of our unique creative advanced technology, our rational design and functions superior to other companies have been highly evaluated and trusted by customers in all fields.
From now we will continue to develop new technologies and support industry, society and environment with reliable adsorption technology for world and future.
"AUTO-PUREX" has been highly evaluated and trusted by customers in all fields, and has one of the leading achievements in Japan and around the world. We have a lineup of various dehumidifiers from "AUTO-PURE X SE", which won Technology Award by the Japan Society on Adsorption. Please adopt "AUTO-PUREX", which you can select from a wide variety of models.