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トップAUTO-PUREX・DehumidifierAUTO-PUREX® LQ / G / H2PSA
LQ / G / H2PSA
Adsorption purification device that enables extreme purification
For liquid (LQ type), Gas (G type), High-purity hydrogen (H₂PSA type)
Low dew point
  1. Adsorption purification device for liquid that enables extreme purification. We have many experience in Japan and overseas.
  2. Removing water and impurities contained in liquids and mixed liquids
  3. Abundant examples including paraffin-based, olefin-based, naphthen-based, aromatic hydrocarbons, vinyl monomers, and organic solvents
[System diagram]
Purpose Impurity content
Inlet Outlet
Dehydration of vinyl acetate H2O 200ppm H2O 200ppm
Dehydration of trichlorethylene H2O 320ppm H2O 10ppm
Dehydration of perkroll ethylene H2O 100ppm H2O 10ppm
Dehydration of mixed xylene H2O 飽和 H2O 10ppm
Dehydration of pentane octane mixture H2O 飽和 H2O 1ppm
Dehydration of styrene hexane mixture H2O 飽和 H2O 10ppm
Dehydration of benzene H2O 飽和 H2O 10ppm
Dehydration of n-hexane H2O 10ppm H2O 1ppm
Dehydration of isobutanol H2O 100ppm H2O 20ppm
Dehydration of n-paraffin mixture H2O 80ppm H2O 1ppm
Dehydration of butadiene H2O 300ppm H2O 10ppm
Dehydration of dimethylamine (DMA) H2O 5,000ppm H2O 100ppm
Dehydration of Dimethylformamide (DMF) H2O 800ppm H2O 10ppm
Dehydration of isopropeel alcohol n-heptane mixture H2O 60ppm H2O 5ppm
Dehydration of propylene H2O 400ppm H2O 10ppm
  1. Adsorption purification equipment for gas that achieves outstanding purification
  2. We have a wide variety of experience for gases such as LNG, LPG, raw air, nitrogen, hydrogen, helium, CO₂, methane, ethylene and NH₃.
[System diagram] Open Type
[System diagram] Closed Type
Purpose Impurity content
Inlet Outlet
Dehydration of hydrogen gas H2O Saturation H2O 5ppm
Dehydration of ethylene gas H2O 320ppm H2O 5ppm
Raw material for air separation device Air dehydration carbon dioxide gas H2O Saturation CO2 350ppm H2O DP-70℃ CO2 5ppm
Dehydration of CO gas, demethanolization H2O Saturation MeOH 40ppm H2O DP-70℃ MeOH 1ppm
Dehydration of propylene and heptane mixed gas H2O Saturation H2O DP-50℃
Removal of methane in hydrogen gas CH4 5% CH4 0.5%
Dehydration of mixed gas of CH₄, C₂H₄, CO, N₂ H2O Saturation H2O DP-60℃
Dehydration of propylene gas H2O Saturation H2O 51ppm
Dehydration of high pressure CO₂ gas H2O Saturation H2O DP-50℃
Dehydration of argon gas H2O RH50% H2O DP-70℃
Dehydration of Freon gas H2O Saturation H2O DP-60℃
Dehydration of natural gas H2O RH20% H2O DP-60℃
Dehydration of vinyl chloride H2O Saturation H2O 10ppm
Dehydration of inert gas H2O Saturation H2O DP-50℃
Dehydration of helium H2O Saturation H2O DP-60℃
  1. Ultra-high purity, high yield hydrogen purification device of pressure swing adsorption purification method
  2. Suitable for a wide range of applications such as semiconductors, electronics, chemistry, food, and metallurgy
  3. Possible to be used as a high-purity hydrogen supply source in combination with a hydrogen generator that uses methanol as a raw material.
[System diagram]
Supply gas Methanol reforming gas Hydrocarbon reforming gas Electrolytic hydrogen Unreacted recovered gas
Supply gas composition H2:75 CO2:24 CO:1 H2O:79 CO2:19 CO:1 CH4:1 H2:99 more than N2:0.3 O2:0.2 H2:90 CH4:10 N2:1000ppm
Processing pressure 1.47Mpa・G 0.88Mpa・G 1.47Mpa・G 1.47Mpa・G
Product hydrogen gas purity 99.99% 99.99% 99.99% 99.99%
Hydrogen recovery rate 75% 70% 78% 80%
  1. Please contact us for the equipment specifications and capacity, which are designed and manufactured according to your request.
  2. Impurity content is specified value by the customer. The performance of this device easily keeps less than a fraction of these values.